Strawerry straw

Strawerry – drinking straw au naturel. Made from the common reed growing in the coastal areas of Estonias biggest island Saaremaa. Naturally strong, waterproof and quick in growth – perfect formula for organic, chemical free and recyclable alternative to plastic drinking straws. With the help of our innovative manufacturing solutions, Strawerry is ready and available to replace existing products in the market.

Strawerry is not only an alternative – it’s The Solution.

36 billion plastic straws are used in Europe annually. After single use, the straw will find its end, hopefully in the dumpster. Up to 100 000 metric tons of drinking straws and other “made-out-of-crude-oil„ disposable cutlery, will find its way in our seas and oceans every year.

It’s time for a change. Have a Strawerry.