How to change?

Tips on how to change Your behavior:

  • Use Strawerry straws :). Bags, bottles and other applicable everyday products should be reusable.
  • Refuse disposable packaging, straws, and over-packaging. Keep reusable items and bags in hand.
  • Decrease the use of packaged products in your daily consumption. Use thermoses, reusable food containers etc.
  • Carry your own coffee cup, thermos or other reusable containers around and fill them with your bought foods and liquids.
  • Choose digital :). Say no to CDs, DVDs, and other plastic-wrapped media.
  • Evaluate your daily consumption, find alternatives and reduce the number of materials to be discarded.
  • Choose recyclable products. If you really need to use plastic or foil, choose PETE or HDPE materials. They are largely recyclable. Avoid plastic bags, polystyrene foam products, and packaging.
  • Volunteer at cleanup events.
  • Support the banning of plastic bags and polystyrene packaging materials!
  • Promote sustainable thinking.